SERRAI DI SOTTOGUDA “the temple of natura”

Treat yourself to a short walk starting from our Garni Hotel  and you are  soon in Serrai of Sottoguda, a beautiful 2-km long canyon, which connects Sottoguda with Malga Ciapela. This canyon was created originally by the erosion of glaciers and erosion of the water from the  Harness stream which flows along this nature reserve. It is  hundreds of meters high,  with  deep caves and gorges which make this place unique and which,  up until  the ’60s,   were the only way of communicating with the Fedaia pass. On the way you can admire the beauty of nature, and the grotto of the Virgin Mary, the Church of St. Anton and the waterfalls of Ru Franzei today.

In summer these  attractions can be visited  on foot, aboard a small train or by bike (only uphill) .

In winter, the atmosphere in Serrai of Sottoguda is even more special; there are many tourists who admire this spectacular area  on foot or with snowshoes. Skiers from the slopes of the Marmolada can arrive  directly on skis here,  together with  skiers who want to follow  the ski tour of the First World War.

Serrai di Sottoguda are the most popular and visited ice walls in the Dolomites and are  known throughout Europe, thanks to the many routes of different difficulty.

Ice climbing in Serrai di Sottoguda from vincent van beek on Vimeo.